SirNicolay’s Photography 101 is celebrating its 11th Anniversary this month! For 11 days, all the promo packages will be offered with P500 discount! Promo is EXTENDED until February 28—but you may enroll in any class from February to June 2020 to avail of the special promo package.


Photography Classes Simplified

held every weekend in UP Diliman campus

With more than ten years of experiences of teaching photography to more than 7,000 students, SirNicolay can teach you the basics of digital photography, hands-on learning of camera settings, practical composition tips and technical techniques, and easy-to-follow editing routine.

Being a licensed teacher, SirNicolay will TEACH you practical lessons in the most understandable manner. He has already taught the most diverse students: students as young as 7 and as old as 75, hearing-impaired students, local students coming from Ilocos to Zamboanga, and even international students from the US, Europe, Japan, Malaysia, Africa, Latin America, etc. 

SirNicolay's Photography 101 has already been featured in, bloggers' websites, ANC's Shoptalk, Best of Manila's Travel Tips, etc. Many of his former students have become professional photographers, lifelong photography enthusiasts, and some even have won numerous awards in many international photography competitions.


SirNicolay's Photography 101

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About SirNicolay

SirNicolay or James Nicolay is a self-proclaimed photography lover; by profession he's a teacher and photography is more of a passion than anything else. His style in photography defies the usual techniques from other photographers and his teaching style breaks boundaries of "the usual" photography classes. His approach in photography is unique and practical; he believes that great photography can be mastered through learning the basic skills, perfecting compositions regularly, and improving one's eye for photography; therefore, for him, a photographer should NOT depend too much on equipment and editing but should rely on and believe in his vision and story for the work of art he's shooting. He's a proud owner of his awesome new Fujifilm X-H1 and three Fujinon lenses. E-mail him your inquiries at or text him at 09285034878 (free if you're using Viber!). He may be busy from 7AM-4PM because of his normal day job, but 5PM onwards, he's usually free and will entertain your questions and requests



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